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Get the best odds through comparison, but first understand them

Bookmakers always try to set their odds so that they can make a little bit of money on every event, no matter the result.  They do this by trying to balance the potential payouts on all sides for a given event in the hopes that the stakes from the losing bettors will more than cover the payouts for the winning bettors.  Bookies make money on a given event when they are left with a surplus of stake money after paying out to the winners.

To help with this balancing act, betting sites are constantly adjusting their odds and as such, the odds for any particular event outcome can differ significantly between bookmaker companies.  If you just want to play with one sportsbook, any of those below provide competitive odds on a regular basis.  However, given this regular disparity in the odds, if you are interested in maximizing your chance to remain profitable in the long run, it makes sense to have accounts with several betting sites, and to use an odds comparison site like oddsjet.com before you bet.  

Why compare betting odds?  No one gets every bet correct.  You need to do everything you can to get an edge on the bookies and you do this by taking the best market prices you can get - shop around. If one company will pay you 15% percent more for the exact same bet, why would you settle for less?  If you bet with just one bookmaker, you will be forced to accept odds that will payout far less than the best odds available on the market.

But just how much can odds differ between companies?  This varies on a case-by-case basis for single events.  The range in odds between the highest and lowest paying bookmakers can be about 2.5 % to about 10%.  When you enjoy combination or multiples betting, the differences can be even more pronounced given how the respective odds are multiplied together.

How odds comparison helps to find the biggest potential payouts:

Combination and Multiples betting is an area that can see a great divergence in the available odds between betting sites.  

With these types of bets, odds are multiplied together for each event selection.  Here is an example for you:  Imagine you have a combination bet with five football matches.  You play with a reputable betting site, but for these five matches, there is another bookmaker that is offering odds that on average are 3% higher for each of these outcomes.

When you calculate the difference in potential payouts on this 5-selection combo bet, you would be missing out on a premium of over 22% if  you play with your existing bookmaker.

The more event selections you make, the higher these overall premiums can be.  For combo and multiples betting, the range in potential payouts between the highest and lowest paying bookmakers can be 10% to 50%.  If you are interested in remaining profitable over time, it certainly makes sense to compare odds and ensure that when you win, you win the most that the market will offer to you.

Comparing outright winner odds

Significant potential payout premiums can be gained by comparing outright winner odds.  In other words, a bet on the teams that might win La Liga or the Champions League or Wimbledon or the Masters in Augusta Georgia or the F1 Championship.

Every team or participant in a given competition will have odds associated with them to win.  As you read further down the list and the odds get higher.  As you move away from the favourites, you will notice a greater chance for variation in the odds between bookmakers.

So if you like outright winner betting markets and you don’t really bet on the heaviest favourites, you can compare the outright winner odds and often get a premium of 10% to as much as 50%.

Don’t leave these differences in your potential payouts on the table. Compare your odds at OddsJet.com before you bet - it’s so easy.  Check out their comparison of Champions League winner odds for yourself .

Get competitive odds from top bookmakers that serve the UAE

Top Odds at UAE Betting Sites

Why else do odds differ so much?  Odds margins

All UAE sports betting sites have their own business plan.  Some companies want to offer lots of promotions, whether as bet credits or deposit bonuses or odds boosts for specific events.  The value offered in these promotions are usually counter-balanced by odds that include a higher margin of revenue for the betting site.  If a site tends to offer promotions, their odds margins will likely be in the 4% to 6% range for the main popular betting markets.  (Odds margin is the amount of the overall monies from a given event that the bookmaker will likely keep as revenue.)  

Other betting sites might not offer many promotions and simply look to offer the highest odds that they can.  Higher odds for you means higher potential payouts.  Higher odds in a general sense come when the bookmaker operates with lower odds margins.  Companies that work with lower margins avoid promotions so they can avoid the associated costs of these offers.  

In the end though, odds comparison is worthwhile because odds change frequently at each betting site and odds margins vary company to company.  Depending on your particular bets, even a ticket with a higher-margin bookie can yield a higher potential payout.  Thus comparing your odds just makes sense, especially if you enjoy outright winners, combination and multiples betting.  The variations in potential payouts are just too significant to ignore.

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bet365 covers all sports comprehensively in terms of the number of available leagues & betting markets. They have the most intuitive interfaces for mobile and desktop and they constantly innovate with the most advanced features for bettors.  Lots of banking methods are available for UAE bettors.  Read the bet365 UAE review.

Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top betting sites, they also offer an early cash out feature.  Betway offers great football betting in addition to all sports.  AED accounts available.  Long-time sponsor of West Ham United FC. They have the largest UAE new customer offer when you click to visit. Read the Betway UAE review.


BetVictor is known widely in the UK for having some of the most competitive football odds. If football is going to be the sport on which you will focus more than any other, BetVictor must be near the top of your list. BetVictor offers an Arabic language site version & customer support. Known for many EPL club sponsorships. Read the BetVictor UAE review.